Ecological Diversity and Culture

Eternal Natural Beauty and Culture

Explore the eternal natural beauty & fascinating culture of Himalayas with Snow Trails Eco camps at Koti, Neen. We have something for everyone in all season for those seeking a break from the busy city life to the solitude. Koti is a veritable paradise endowed with great natural beauty surrounded by lofty snow capped peaks & dense forest of deodar and oaks.

A Lot More than Just Sight Seeing

Understanding the Socio- Economic Culture

Interactions with native people during Village Study Tour can give a detail insight about local livelihood, lifestyle, culture, challenges of life.

Discovering neighbourhood Ecosystem

One can understand the Flora & Fauna of the place during nature walks. They can identify local plants, trees, birds, wildlife etc.

Knowing Unknown Traditions and Myths

Informal chats around camp fire and other free time during the day is when one can become aware of traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of local community.

Local Life

The culture is extremely rich, which is reflected in the day-to-day lives of the local people. Noted for their colourful dresses and distinguished physical characters, the people are very warm and friendly nature and the 'untouched' simplicity which constitute an integral part of the beautiful Culture of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the people here depend on agriculture for livelihood. Villages usually have terraced fields and small two storey houses with sloping roof. The villages are mostly self-contained with a few shops to take care of basic necessities of life. Village also have a temple, where people congregate for worship. Gods are carried on palanquins to village fairs and festivals. The folk songs sung by the locals are full of charm. They are usually based on religious or a romantic theme. People gather in a circle in village fairs and dance to the tune of these songs. The dancing is usually spontaneous during a village fair and is symbolic of the peace and joy of the people. In general people of Himachal Pradesh are honest, truthful, gentle, and good humoured.


Located in one of the districts of Shimla, the flora and fauna in Koti Neen, is the idyllic retreat for the wildlife buffs and nature lovers. Whole area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1976 and comes under Chail Wild Life sanctuary, This wildlife Sanctuary is shrouded in Deodar and Oak Forests is the store house of a rich variety of flora and fauna. Explore the sprawling acres of greenery and dense woodlands of Chail Sanctuary still unspoilt by the crowds and pollution. Nestled amidst the green valleys with the snow clad peaks in the background, Chail Sanctuary remains the ideal destination for the wildlife lovers.

The Chail Sanctuary has a rich variety of flora and fauna. From the rare orchids to the endangered species you can find them here. You can get a glimpse of animals and birds like Sambar, Goral, Common Langur, Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Deer, Silver-White Oak, Barking Deer, Indian Hare, Yellow Throated Marten, Indian Porcupine, Common Giant and Kashmiri Flying Squirrel and Pheasants. The Chir Pheasants breeding and rehabilitation Programme was introduced here. The major tourist attractions of the Chail Sanctuary are the barking deers and Kalijin. Explore the beautiful forests and for the adventure freaks the trekking options are also available in this wildlife sanctuary of Himachal Pradesh. Trekking from Chail to Gaura and Chail to Jhajja is quite common amongst the trekkers The staff and forest officials are quite helpful and in case of any problems you can seek their help.

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